The Propaganda Of Happy Childlessness

The crap news racket The Independent, an online click-bait shit press, goes full anti-family, anti-children again. I call this tedious piece of nihilism “The Propaganda of Happy Childlessness.”

Quote: “If you are a man, you should probably get married; if you are a woman, don’t bother.”

Here I can smell radical feminists and sexists at work. So, men and women are entirely different, polar opposites even, at marriage, which is crap for women. But let’s read more. Quote: “Women who are not married and do not have children are the happiest group in the population, a prominent expert in happiness said.”

And not just happier, the childless, unmarried women also outlive their child-rearing counterparts and live healthier.

Well, I won’t even name the prominent expert and deny him a platform for his bullshit. But what is the ‘secret’ of his bullshit study that sounds so hopelessly feminist -biased in favor of women?

They all lie.

That’s it. That’s the secret of his bullshit study. His signature conclusion. The men are lying. If they are in the room with their partners, the women will say marriage and children is all great and that they are happy. But, oh boy, wait until the husband is out of the room. Then, the women will say “family is miserable.”

That’s his study. I’m sure its reproducible. As my cousin the psychology major used to say: It’s all about how you pose the question.

What are your opinion on the propaganda of happy childlessness and the fake news media? Is it part of a greater plan of social engineering or just shit media at click-baiting? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!


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