Youtubers Exploit Asian Girls - BIG BUSINESS

Attention-seekers and sociopaths mainly from the US, or based in the US, are now filming unsuspecting girls in subway stations, in clubs, in swimming pools, and even in the very popular ‘photo booths’ in Asia. (‘Photo booths’ are popular sections in shopping malls or game centers where young people, mostly girls, take cute pictures with their friends.)

Chances are that for any “hot” girl in a public place there are not only hundred pairs of eyes peeping at her, but also some goons with a camera pointed at her gaze, immortalizing the wink of her shy skirt . Those pics or stalker videos are then shared on internet forums, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks – as coaching advice!!!

And while the CIA blokes overlooking Tokyo from Minato-ward may be secretly laughing their rears off at the great misfortune sexploitation causes to the reputation of Japan, the US Ambassador Extraordinary to Japan, Ms Caroline Kennedy, will obviously not be thrilled by the great misfortune sexploitation causes to the reputation of the United States of America.


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