Why Shengren Is The Best Book About China

This is the best book about China.

2560 years of cool History.

350 years of awesome translations.

There’s even some German, Dutch, French, and even Japanese in it!

It was published uncensored, in its purity, innocence, destructive power.

It has outmaneuvered all other China books by definition.

Legge, Wilhelm, Wade-Giles, are all here, in the back-end of the book.

462 pages of pure game change, every page a turner, on fresh mellow cream paper. It looks so good on every shelf!

With a unique photograph of Confucius. Well, his statue anyway.

This book will change EVERYTHING you know about China. It’s not some lazy ghostwriter trash like Kissinger’s ‘On China’ -No!

It even got a Chinese name: Shengren!

This book is so good, it is above philosophy and beyond religion. That’s why I put it in the subtitle: Above Philosophy and Beyond Religion.

This is the best book because I can actually speak Chinese!

Now the best thing is you can own this book and draw from its primordial, sacred contents.

You’ll never have to read anything else. I know all the books on China. All others are crap. This is the most informed, concise, and deepest one!

There is even an ebook of it, WOW!

The best thing about this book is that it is timeless.

This book will be read in a thousand years. Ah, here it is written, in the manuscript: This will be read in a thousand years!

And the best thing about this book is, it’s printed on demand. You can even get a copy for your faculty staff. How about that?!

This book is so good, it took 12 years to research and write -full-time! And it is still not finished!

It was partly written at Harvard University, partly at Peking University.

This book is so good, it only goes by one word in World History of Literature: Shengren.

It’s Chinese. It means Shengren.

This book will give you unique insights into universal language learning, too!

You can read it two times, three times, four times… hell, I’ve read it 82 times and it never gets boring.

There are 680 footnotes, 500 references, tables, appendixes.

This is solid greatness.

You buy this best book, you win!


  • Paperback: 476 pages
  • Publisher: LoD Press, New York (May 31, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1070998133
  • ISBN-13: 978-1070998138


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