Why the East-West Dichotomy betters Breitbart

Breitbart.com looks like the toilet paper used at East-West-Dichotomy.com

Andrew Breitbart’s aims, if I recall correctly, were otherworldly noble: to “expose” the enemy of humanity-within: the tyranny of the Left, the so-called globalists with their pseudo-science, political correctness, and cultural Marxism. To this end, Andrew-may he rest in peace (2012)-build a publishing empire and troll fabric that would lead to the news-aggregation website ‘Breitbart.com‘, and, ultimately, helped Donald Trump to win an impossible election rigged against him.

The Rise and Fall of Breitbart.com

But now, Breitbart.com seems to have surrendered to the establishment. It got compromised. Its founder long gone, and its latest chief-in command, Steve Bannon, character-assassinated by the Left, Breitbart wants to be a constructive, rather than an obstructive power in society: no more rebellion, just… gossip news, conspiracy, and click-bait. A new American revolution, as Andrew Breitbart had envisioned, did not materialize. On the contrary: The establishment media took the whip to Breitbart.com, and did so mercilessly: “Nazi-sympathizers” and “right-wing extremists”, “sexists” and “alt-Right handlers,” “xenophobes” and “Islamophobes!” Eventually, younger board members got cold feet and saw the ‘blue pills’ on their desks and took them: damage control, caution, restrain.

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Disorientated, spiritless, unrevolutionary

Its website currently looks depleted, uninspirational, mediocre. All that softening-up didn’t do good to Breitbart.com the Original. Its online-store still sells shitty ‘t-shirts’, albeit not in that militant Alex Jones/Info-wars telemarketing style. Foremost, Breitbart.com lacks a strong voice of its own. It chases celebrities, mostly. Some “reporters” deserted the “sterilized” organization. Worse, Breitbart has not yet even got its soul back, only propaganda at its heart. And find good writers and editors for that! Just from the website style alone, one can sense that Breitbart desperately wants to become the legitimate alt-light version of the Washington Post, the Economist magazine, no… still better yet: the alt-light version of New York Times. Instead of being what it better be best-Breitbart!

A New Challenger, blessed by a Cosmic Force, has arisen

If you disappoint the world spirit, the world spirit chooses a new champion. If you depart from the way of the righteousness, a new wanderer will be made his name heard throughout the lands.

You either change the system as Andrew Breitbart set out to do but died trying: fearless, uncompromising and incorruptible; or the system will hang you by your neck.

The East-West dichotomy revisited

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