US Unfair Treatment Of Huawei

US drops its pants over China’s Huawei dispute. What do you want to prove here, America?

The USA don’t like competitors very much, especially not in the 5G mobile communication technology sector.

So it smears, it slanders, it sanctions the only global competitor, China, for having Huawei, a Chinese telecommunication firm.

Huawei has global aspirations and would like to expand in Europe and the United States. It even has superior technology. An affront to the tyrannical West who is used to posses ALL key technologies themselves, let alone controlling them.

Now Reuters reports that the US Commerce Department added Huawei and 70 affiliated companies on a governmental blacklist. Enemies of State, so to speak.

They can’t do business anymore without US government approval.

The treatment of Chinese companies in the West is often no better, sadly, than China’s treatment of Western companies in China.

There is a sense in East and West of colonial master and unruly servant in the air.

Nevertheless, even non-politics majors understand that this war on Chinese Huawei is disproportional and really a pissing contest.

Sorry, but if you want to call it differently, don’t be shy and leave a comment!