UN speech: Trump shows contempt for socialism and the totalitarian EU

This is the real UN speech

At the request of the European Union
the names of the regimes who crack down
on their own people, who dissolve their nation
states, open their borders and replace the native
populations with mass migration from Africa and the
Middle East have been omitted.

BUT… it is probably Bruessels… mostly Berlin and Paris, is it not?

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Trump on the failure of socialism:

Out of disrespect for the European state censors, Donald Trump’s
speech is shown here exactly as it occurred, and can be viewed in full of its length.

Trump on strong, sovereign and independent nations:

Sadly, in Germany only the earlier part of the speech in which president
Trump threatens North Korea with “total annihilation” is shown. It’s a German propaganda tactic to show him as a violent madman and white supremacist.

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The part in which Mr. Trump indirectly condemns the totalitarian European Union (for all the right reasons), however, is censored in Europe by most regime TV and the colluded press.

Trump on the EU’s disastrous open borders policies and uncontrolled migration:

Meanwhile, the US president is continued to be depicted in Germany as the America’s Hitler. This is what German readers read and see, day-in, day-out. It is a propaganda warfare not seen since WW2.

Germany on Trump:

Donald Trump is the enemy of Berlin and the totalitarian EU, as Berlin and the EU stand for socialism, open borders, dissolving of nation states, population replacement, censorship and hate speech laws, thought police and the oppression [and extinction] of their own native people. The German regime compares Trump to Hitler and wants him dead.

Video Source: RT/Youtube