Total Crash in 2018 - can we recover? SURE!!!

The website had 10,000 monthly readers before it crashed in March 2018. The site’s content was recovered & renamed: The former domain name however was picked up by somebody else; we don’t know exactly who.

Anyways, forced to be starting from scratch, we are now down to 1/10th of the former readership, barely 1,000 a month. Also, over 26,000 items are still not indexed by Google, so unfindable, sigh.

In addition, because of unnecessary censorship, the site’s page rank is only 1 out of 10, meaning the chances of it ever to be shown on the first page of Search results are rather slim to non-existing.

Sticking to our guns

But fear we do not. On the positive side of things, we have a large enough fan base and are not yet dead, possibly indestructible, and are working hard on the recovery. We have several publications planned and the blog is running again on high caffeine.

Will 2019 be a turning point of affairs for the better? Will we finally regain untrammelled recognition? You stay tuned in because you’re listing to survivors.

All the best!