BERLIN - No proper translation for the word ‘dissident’ in Germany exists. That’s because ‘dissident’ refers to a regime critic, and the German government considers itself a government, not a regime. Sometimes we say Andersdenkende, which literally means those who think differently, but that’s too broad and general. Everyone thinks differently. Again, we are left with no German word pointing to the seriousness of a true intellectual opposition, let alone a threat to the system. Your author recently spent some time and wallowed in Germany’s forbidden literature -dissident literature. What a windfall! It follows is a brief introduction, then a list of the TOP 20 GERMAN POLITICAL DISSIDENTS IN RECENT HISTORY.

These are difficult times for German. It is rich, so the global media informs us. But that’s part of the propaganda. The facts are that one in every five children in Germany lives below the poverty line; and in the cities, where the concept of family is broken, it is one in three kids that is poor. Germany is rich only insofar as it is a US outpost, backyard, and colony. It gets preferential treatment from the superpower.

From here, in the center of Europe, US companies quickly swarm over the rest of the continent. From here, US interest groups are able to manipulate and sabotage the European project. The EU can never function as a sovereign super-state, because Germany, its core and the biggest and most populous nation, is a US agent and satellite state.

The German governments have always been US puppet regimes. Their loyalty is to their US masters, not to the German people. The German key media, many co-founded by US groups, don’t even hide the fact that they are echo chambers of US foreign policy and cover-ups for US wars and indoctrination.

Gradually, the German people have been de-Germanized, were told to hate themselves, to have fewer children, to worship homosexuality, to celebrate childless “independent” women, and to make good for the lack of births by allowing massive immigration of males from Africa and the Middle East.

Below is a list of 20 heroes, trouble-makers, and freedom fighters. It is a subjective list. If you cannot find your favorite activist here, that’s maybe because there are so many of them now.

Remember their names, their faces, their videos. Like and share them. Visit their websites and perhaps even leave them a decent comment. Without opposition, there will be no democracy. Without offense, there will be no freedom of speech.

Udo Ulfkotte

Udo Ulfkotte is a former veteran journalist from the Frankfurter Allgemeine who one day just snapped and blew the whistle on his crooked and hopelessly colluded profession. He lost everything, he says, including his job and reputation, his colleagues and friends (at first), and his health and sanity (for a while). His masterpiece Gekaufte Journalisten is a deathblow to the so-called Lügenpresse –the Lying press. This man is fucking hero and national treasure. But be warned: Once you’ve read Ulfkotte, you’ll never believe your newspaper again…


Ken Jebsen

Ken Jebsen is the enfant terrible among all the German truth-tellers, and a superstar of the Right. He crusades against New World Order, corrupt elites, the (socially engineered) Islamification of Europe, and the brainwash and propaganda in our mass media. His enemies, of which there are plenty, call him optionally an Islamophobe, an anti-Semitist, an anti-feminist, and a pro-Russian chatterbox (Putin-Versteher). Jebsen often retaliates with epic rants and fits of grandeur. Must see!


Andreas Popp

Andreas Popp is a Klardenker (clear thinker) and explainer. A modern prophet and “manufacturer of knowledge” [he lives in Canada, Truther heaven]. Master Popp frequents alternative media and any TV or radio that will have him. He speaks the truth about geo-politics, the financial crisis, and the transatlantic partnership in a highly accessible language. Hence his motto: Speaking Klartext – plain speak. This also means that Mr. Popp can say plainly controversial things, say, about race and white guilt, that most Germans wouldn’t dare to speak its name: “People say to me: Are you willing to white-wash Germans? Then I say: No, but I want to apportion the filth equally.”


Thilo Sarrazin

Thilo Sarrazin is Friedrich Nietzsche minus the insanity. Instead, he has statistics. Sarrazin was already brilliant and controversial in public office. However, when this former Senator of Finance published his manifesto, Deutschland schafft sich ab [Germany does away with itself], he had the moralists and the Left running amok against him. Standing his ground, armed with even more stats and figures on about how dumb and criminal and useless most immigrants really are, he published two more bestsellers: one an attack on the neoliberal media and their wishful thinking; the other an attack on European leaders who, for lack of the correct statistics, are driving this continent against the wall. Sarrazin’s eternal return: The Germans are outbred and replaced by less intelligent people…


Volker Pispers

Volker Pispers is easily the greatest cabaret artist on this planet, although I’m not quite sure he knows this. He became a global phenomenon through Youtube, the US video-share platform. His dark humor and wit, his outrageous moments with Merkel, Obama, and Putin, all brimming with rare genius and intelligence (the moments, not…), are extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of activists in Europe and Russia:

“Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has several times made statements to the effect that we Europeans should not cultivate a superficial anti-Americanism.

But mine isn’t superficial at all.

Personally I have nothing against the US itself - it’s a beautiful country - it’s the people who live there that are the problem.” -Volker Pispers


Akif Pirinçci

Akif Pirinçci is a German of Turkish ancestry who came to literary fame in the late 90s and early 00s with his cat detective novels (no kidding). From 2010 onward, however, he fell from grace with the establishment and turned into the nation’s political provocateur. In his contemptful, yet cleverly marketed book Deutschland von Sinnen [Germany: Out of its Senses], Pirinçci attest Germany complete insanity by allowing moral freaks, radical minorities, feminazis, homosexuals, Islamist extremists, and in general non-white immigrants to exercise reverse racism and discrimination against the now oppressed white majority. He calls it a new form fascism.


Eva Herman

Eva Herman is a smart, blond, and very attractive woman. She is also the former anchor of the ‘Tagesschau’, Germany’s flagship news broadcaster. In the 90s, millions admired her, adored Herman. Then, in 2006, she made a bad, bad, BAD mistake: She suggested, in public, that German women should marry, and have more kids, and even raise those kids.

She argues, and I am paraphrasing of course, that the current gender equality debate has ruined the lives of many women. Women in Germany were better off in the past, Herman argues, when they could be wives, mothers, and daughters in large, stable families. Unfortunately [for her job security], the “past” in Germany means “Nazi.”

Herman lost her status, became unemployable, and was paraded as Neo-Nazi Hitler-mom. She fought back by accusing the liberal media of destroying family values and even denying the existence of biological [natural] gender roles and the difference between the sexes.

It got so ridiculous, that when she finally accused the mass media of co-optation [collusion], a neoliberal talk host, Kerner, lectured her that this word was a Nazi-term, too! The witch hunt was painful to watch. Her bounce-back: all the more remarkable.


Henryk M. Broder

Henryk M. Broder is a TV-peacock and media personality, not at all your stereotypical life’s-not-fair, I-can’t-get-a-job dissident. For one, Broder is far too likable and charismatic for exclusion. For another,… well. Listen, Broder is invited to many shows, especially in the main stream. The reason for that is that script writers often need a querulant [a grouser] or professional troll who makes outrageous statements. This over-presence has enabled Broder to become the jack-of-all trades, constantly dishing out articles, columns, polemics, and guesting in political shows. His secret: “I once met this famous artist who hugged me and said: Mr. Broder, Mr. Broder, I envy you! I wish I was a Jew like you! Then I, too, could say anything I want.“


Markus Gärtner

Markus Gärtner, a former top-tier journalist, decided it was time, after 25 years running errands for the media mafia, to inform the general public about the methods of the Lügenpress [The Lying Press]. In this bombshell of a book title, Gärtner calls bullshit on our agenda-driven, shameless mass media. For example, about the current immigrant crisis, he says: “Although the immigrants are [made up of] 70, 80, 90% young men, you will see on ARD and ZDF [the two state media] disproportional many women with kids.” The dissident sees the biggest problem of Western media in its Rudel-Journalism [group-think] or Einheitsbrei [same old story]. Moreover, journalists now largely plagiarize from the press agencies (AP, Reuters, or dpa), or translate from [far better researched] Anglophone publications, or simply regurgitate articles they googled on the internet or spotted in their media feed. This way dangerous viral campaigns are created, for instance against foreign leaders: “It’s like driving a pig through the village,” Gärtner explains. [Editor’s note: It means: Everyone gets to hit it with a stick to make it shriek louder.]


Rico Albrecht

Rico Albrecht is an up-and-coming influencer and public intellectual who gives talks on manipulation, language, power, banking, and the illusion of freedom, all aimed at educating (or shall we say scaring) people about the hidden functions and inner workings of the Orwellian state that nobody tells us about in school. Which is probably a good thing. If you think hard about it. I mean… why messing up their young minds and turn them into paranoid social justice warriors? Why, why, WHY!!?


Max Uthoff & Claus von Wagner

Max Uthoff and Claus von Wagner are satirists and TV personalities. They co-host a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners show on ZDF [German state TV] called ‘Die Anstalt’ –the Asylum. An April 29, 2014, the Asylum exposed the so-called “transatlantic lobby” and certain corrupt German editors who spread pro-USA war propaganda. The comedians said that Sueddeutsche, Die Zeit, FAZ, and Bild are just “regional outlets for the NATO press office.” Two of the exposed journalists, Josef Joffe (a Jewish, and the chief-editor of Die Zeit) and Jochen Bittner (a kike, also Die Zeit), tried to censor the show via court order, unsuccessfully (freedom of speech). The paper’s websites, especially Die Zeit’s, are now heavily censoring their comment sections. The moral of the story: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” (Voltaire).


Bazon Brock

Bazon Brock, the “Teacher of the Nation” and “Germany’s Most Beautiful Poet,” is a retired university professor of aesthetics. Because of this, or despite of it, the philosopher isn’t afraid of voicing his contempt for the relentless Western propaganda against Putin’s Russia [and anyone who has ties with Russia]. For any younger academic, even for professors (who are public servants), confronting the Zionist media clique is career blockade and social suicide. Not so for fearless Brock - “Man with Mission” - who says how it is.


Michael Vogt

Michael Vogt is a German professor, patriot, and Germany’s leading activist for a free, sovereign German nation state. He believes that Germany, even after reunification in 1990 and the ‘4 + 2 agreement’ is still a US outpost. Evidences: 38 military bases in Southern Germany; US nuclear warheads in Büchel Air Base; mass surveillance of the German people through CIA/NSA; US-controlled German key media, and so on.

In his manifesto ‘Weg in die Freiheit’ [Path to Freedom], Vogt urges the Germans to establish a democracy (the people’s rule) and abolish the current multi-party system. He also wants Germany to quit NATO and the EU. Why, the former wants war with Russia; the latter is a dictatorship. Vogt, who earned his doctoral degree in Eastern Germany with a dissertation on Marx and Engels, HATES the pro-USA media lobby, and accuses Merkel and her US masters of using mass immigration as a means to de-Germanize the country. It goes without saying that Merkel and her US masters back-HATE this serious disrupter. Which is right by him, I guess. He wants to be read in a thousand years…


Andreas von Bülow

Andreas von Bülow once was a rising star among the social-democrats, and even became the country’s Minister of Research and Education. He belongs to a long line of German aristocracy, hence the ‘von’ in his name. Von Bülow allegedly attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1978. In the mid-90s, he turned truther. Determined to enlighten the public about the “criminal machinations” of Western intelligence services such as CIA and BND (the latter which was founded by the CIA), he now accuses the CIA and its Israeli counterpart, Mossad, of partly having instigated the September 11 terrorist attacks. His 1998 book Terrorism in the Name of State details how the CIA is complicit in manufacturing the wars of the United States of America.


Hans-Werner Sinn

Hans-Werner Sinn is a superstar academician of Economics and Finance, a renowned publicist, and the president of an influential economic research institute based in Munich. Not your usual dissident. Yet, despite belonging to the top 1% elites in this country, he nevertheless has the spine to talk openly about (the possibilities of) the end of Europe, the dangers of Turkey membership, the fall of the Euro currency, or even the perilous immigration of largely uneducated, low-class “refugees” from Syria. He may irritate the Merkel regime, yet the German people like his true patriotism, his honesty, and his integrity. Good for him.


Gerhard Wisnewski

Gerhard Wisnewski is a professional conspiracy theorist. The US moon landing, the German Red Army Faction, the Twin Towers and September 11, the Charlie Hebdo massacre,… Wisnewski has an alternative explanation for everything… says his Wikipedia article! About which Wisnewski said, interestingly, that the article itself was a conspiracy. His universal truism: You must not trust your government and its media, never! In his most recent 2016 book, Wisnewski explains what’s been concealed from us, hushed up, or simply forgotten. As they say, beneath every conspiracy there is a conspiracy of facts.


Jürgen Elsässer

Jürgen Elsässer is the Alex Jones of the German conspiracy theorists, minus the lunatic rants. Elsässer hosts, writes, blogs, and directs. He also runs an alternative media, a magazine, a publisher, and a think tank all under one label: Compact. His vast output and business sense have situated him at the center of a thriving, multi-million-euro dissenter industry. Elsässer calls the current German government “anti-German” and “the most criminal government in the world.” The state media paint him as anti-American, pro-Russian, and right-wing agitator. Funnily,  Elsässer was once also known as the opposite: anti-German, Communist, Zionist, and left-wing radical. Maybe we can summarize this man a “humanist” after all.

Interesting fact: Elsässer frequently clashes with prominent Jews, who erroneously believe that they are somehow special and exempt from criticism.


Alfons Proebstl

Alfons Proebstl is a hater and professional party pooper. He’s also the creation of a certain radio moderator, Percy Hoven. Hoven invented the “Rightwing Grantler” (from grand and rant) as a hopelessly political-incorrect, bold old fart. His Youtube channel quickly gained 30k views per episode -until October 2015 that is, when Hoven got doxed (identified and exposed). Fearing for the safety of his family, he discontinued the show. The 105 videos, however, are still out there. As Oscar Wilde once quipped: “Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth.”


Holger Strohm

Holger Strohm has this kind, calm, almost hypnotizing voice. There’s something grounded, honest, and protestant about him. He could be your grandpa who, after having watched the six-o’clock-news, takes his tripod and webcam, gets on his favorite couch, and rambles about what he thinks is wrong with the world: “Everything is A LIE!” Looking back at an impressive consistency of disssent and 30, 50, no wait…100 books later (“half of them were immediately censored,” he explains), his international fame arrived only after his graduation. Born in 1942, he earned his doctorate degree in 2012, at the age of 70. He now has a legit website too. It’s Check it out!


Hartmut Bachmann

Hartmut Bachmann is the hobby scientist that’s the nightmare for any religious cult: He will debunk your bullshit and find your flaws! Bachmann believes that Climate Change is complete gobbledygook and agenda-driven make-belief. The man is also living proof that going up against the status quo is not a man’s choice but his calling. Bachmann studied aerodynamics, flew a fighter plane in WW2, re-schooled as painter, went back to study politics in Berlin, and ran a company for air conditioner components. But most importantly, he researched Climate since the 70s: “Back then, the propaganda media warned us a new Ice Age was coming.” He says that the cult of ‘environmental correctness’ forbids us to oppose the doctrine of a Climate Change catastrophe. Scientists who openly question the motives of the Climate Change lobby are being ostracized. So, Bachmann wrote it all down: The Climate Change Lie. Read it. PLEEEASE!