The German Anti-China Complot

China’s annual People’s Congress runs for about ten days. German anti-China forces are on the ground to sabotage, to undermine, or to stoke fear in the hearts of the Europeans about the rise of China.

Reads today’s copy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ): “China’s Military Budget well hidden.” No, it is not hidden. The Military budget increased by about 7%, adjusting for an overall GDP growth of 7% (6.9%). “But the real budget must be higher because much has fallen under the table.” I wonder whether Friederike Böge just googles her reports or she really has access to the People’s congress and language and tables.

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Let’s look at the piece by Frank Kraushaar (lit.: kinky hair): “China seeks hegemony, not partnership.” Wooah. I wonder where Mr. Kraushaar gets his paycheck from. His theory: “While the Communist Party clinged to power through violence, under Xi Jinping is expands strategically.” This is really deep stuff that shall frighten our kids.

How about our Harvard-educated Hendrik Ankerband in Peking? “China stands with its back to the wall.” Hendrik talks about a “deeply irritated country” and its “almighty Führer” who can “theoretically only by death be replaced.” The journalist of course talks about the “economic war” between China and the USA. “GDP growth projected for next year are at a historic low -6.5%.” It is of course not a historic low. China was mostly poor for 100 years. It still grows at a faster pace than Germany’s which is projected to increase its GDP by 1.4% next near.

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Anyways, where is the obligatory call for regime change in China today? Ah, here, Kraushaar says “the West is partly to blame” for the Communist Party’s success. Why, what did the West do? The West “didn’t support pluralistic forces in China.” Heavy stuff. Kraushaar confesses he and his cohorts are in China to actively destabilize the government. Sounds like sedition to me.

Ok, now we know our press soldiers must do more to smear the Communist Party. But how about more “warfare”? It cannot be that a day passes with the German regime in which we ONLY call for economic warfare with China, right? Ah, here it is, on the same copy of the FAZ, by a certain Christoph Hein: “China vs America - The war about Artificial Intelligence has only just begun.” How original.

As a general rule, if a FAZ journalist has no idea what he or she is talking about, they just talk accusations and bath in negativity.