The European Union has neither the moral ground nor economical legs for “its own army”

BERLIN - When US president Donald Trump lambasted France and Germany for not paying enough into NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to defend Europe in the unlikely case of war, he was correct.

Admitting that the European states do enjoy a free ride on the expenses of the United States, the two leaders of France and Germany, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, declared this week to “build a European army” instead, alongside NATO. This needs to be mocked.

It is indeed a cruel charade. The European Union has not enough resources at this point to a) maintain its national armies, b) sustain NATO, AND c) have its own army. Closer defense cooperation, yes. Joint military operations, maybe. But even here, language and cultural barriers, let alone nationalism, remain an obstacle to the point of jiggle and mess.

It is also a moral disaster. Both World Wars, we recall, happened precisely because of an expanding German Empire. The idea that now Berlin co-leads (along with Paris) the armies of 26 EU member states is quite tasteless, dangerous.

The European Union under German stewardship is totalitarian enough as it is now. Censorship, oppression, and crackdown on freedom of speech are rampant. Besides, who is the enemy that the EU suddenly needs its own army for? Russia? But Russia was overrun by French Napoleon and German Hitler. China? But China was cracked open and semi-colonized by the Europeans!

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It is exactly Europe, under the German yoke, that triggered the USA to come to the aid of its British allies –TWICE! France, by the way, quickly lost to Hitler Germany.

The idea of NATO under US leadership was partly to rebuild Germany as a pacifist, demilitarized US vassal state. That’s why the Germans enjoyed so much prosperity (much like US-occupied Japan). The US and its network of allies guaranteed Europe’s security. There are 40 US military bases in Germany today, including drone bases and atomic bomb arsenals.

Now let’s see with what France and Germany want to build an EU army. France is a bastard nation (mixed, divided, useless) and has a below average national IQ. It cannot compete economically with Germany, except in shrinking its GDP. Germany, meanwhile, is replacing its native population with migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Both countries hate each other; they don’t speak each other languages, and so on.

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They cannot build their own European army without ruining their laid-back economies, ruining the welfare state, ruining their socialism that flourished precisely because they had no world-class army, needed none. On the contrary, the only immediate use for such an EU army would be to tyrannize its member states’ populations and to crack down on separatist movements –like an Empire does.

So, we see where this is going. A European army controlled in Paris and Berlin and legitimized in Brussels is more a threat and spasm of desperation than an army the world needs.

In other words: a German-led EU army is not compatible with a prosperous, ethical, socialist continent, let alone with world history. It’s revisionism.

Pay your NATO bills instead, Europe.