Terror attacks too profitable in Europe

Not a single terror attack failed its goal

Three persons shot dead on a Strasbourg Christmas market, and entire France in on terror alert. This means tens of thousands of additional police officers, soldiers, and undercover agents patrolling the streets, let alone terror blockers (beton bricks to block roads against potential killer trucks), snipers, and bullet proof car convoys (the latter two only for EU politicians).

“The European Parliament was in lockdown, with MEPs, staff and journalists unable to leave the building, a few kilometres from the square.”-Telegraph

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Terrorism in Europe is a large multi-million euros billboard

240 people died of terrorist attacks in France since 2015. What is the aim of the terrorists? The aim is exactly what you see: Media coverage, chicken politicians, and a discussion to ban Christmas markets altogether. That’s because Christmas is highly offensive to Muslims and Islam. There are one billion Muslims in the world yonder, and French and German top officials have let in only a few millions so far but never failed to assure them that Islam was part of Europe. If they are part of Europe, why are there all these offensive Christmas markets in every town? You can’t order a cake and then not eat it. Islam is here.

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EU ordered too tall a cake

The EU pushes the narrative that Islam is an oppressed minority. So as long as there are Christmas markets, there will be terrorist attacks. It’s like a honey pot for bees. And it is so effective, because a single attack can throw the whole country on its side. Did you know that it is forbidden in Germany to mention the nationality and ethnicity of terrorists? The media protects Islam. And so does the law. This helps Islamic terrorism. In fact, the entire world sees terrorism in Europe as the reckoning of 500 years of European colonialism and imperialism.

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The ultimate future is no Christmas markets

Worse, nobody sympathizes with the victims or with Christmas as an institution. Christmas seems like a relic of the colonial past. Another thousand mosques will be build for every Islamic terrorist attack in France or Germany as a matter of course. This means terrorists have no incentive to stop just now. They are on the winners’ road.