Stupid Mascot Chiitan Die

If there has ever been a more annoying bighead since the retarded Teletubbies, it’s got to be the Japanese mascot Chiitan [Tchee-tan].

Chiitan is not cute.

It doesn’t look remotely like a fairy baby otter.

And it isn’t 0 years old. No 0-year-old runs so fast after one’s life goals (see video Chiitan running after its life goals).

Now the plush character came to international fame because an American talk show host, John Oliver, dedicated an entire segment to Chiitan. Not ok, America, not ok!

This has got to stop. Chiitan’s videos are seconds-long and on-repeat for maximum mind-soaking and addiction. They are so stupid, you will kick yourself (while continuing watching, obviously).

John Oliver, knowing the power of stupid, created his own mascot: Chiijohn. He then sent Chiijohn over to steal Chiitan’s best friend!

Now there is a mascot war between Japan Chiitan and America Chiijohn.

It first looked like the feud tilted in Japan’s favor, when suddenly last week Twitter deleted all of Chiitan’s many Twitter accounts, barring one: the English one. That means millions of views, retweets, and followers are gone, haha.

Die Chiitan, die!

Nah, I’m just kidding. But what do you think about Chiitan? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!