Sex Tourism In Japan Booming

In the past, sexploitation by white folks in Asia was all-too-known, but nobody outside the foreign conclaves — for example Chaoyang in Beijing, Roppongi in Japan, or Kowloon in Hong Kong — could really see it, of course. But now the predators have iphones, wifi, and commercial Youtube accounts. So they film and upload how they manipulate those women, no limits! Thus, a new, never before witnessed realm of emotional abuses and wicked minds lies bare, and sometimes naked in a bathtub in some Shibuya love hotel.

One growing branch of this sexploitation are the so-called ‘pick-up artists’ or ‘Pua’ -in this context an euphemism for narcissists and con-artist. They are taking advantage of insecure Western men who, in their loneliness and sexual frustration perhaps, are resorting to doing stupid things in Asia, like buying $97 NOW ONLY $67-dollar programs to get laid.

Those pick-up artists approach Asian girls in public spaces, encircle them, flatter them, touch them, hustle them: “She is my girlfriend!” All while the job is video-taped, often by a hidden camera or by a wingman. Some girls are trying to hide their faces? That’s even better! Their “shyness” will attract even more voyeurs later, after the video was uploaded to the internet.


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