Sadiq Khan Strikes Back With Elle Feminist Video

First he disrespected the President of the United States, then he was disinvited from the state banquet. Sadiq Khan is an unwanted trouble maker during Trump’s 2019 state visit to the UK.

So what did Sadiq Khan do in his office time instead? He prepared a feminist video with Elle, the magazine for women.

In the video message, directed at Donald Trump of course, he alleges that London stands for the very opposite what Trump stands for, namely diversity and gender equality.

Quote: “Only weak men fear strong women.”

He then goes on to explain how every men must be a feminist or else he is a sexist and misogynist.

I find this reasoning incorrect and Mr. Kahn’s behavior despicable. Feminism is an ideology and by definition is misandry -a hatred for men which feminism blames are responsible for all the world’s ills.

Mr. Kahn shows again and again that he is a whimsical small man and little tyrant that has great plans for London, the city he has almost ruined of its reputation. It is now a place of ethno-cleansing of the native English, of crime, of terrorism.

How much more gender and diversity propaganda do we have to endure before this nasty little man is removed from office, if ever, because removing him would obviously be hateful and women-hating.

What is your opinion on Sadiq Khan using feminism as his shield against critics. Don’t be shy and leave a comment.


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