Rise of the Negro: Finally, black and brown Americans disrespect flag and country

For hundreds of years, blacks demanded what whites “owned”: the United States of America. Today, the people of color are almost getting there, and there is little white men can do: If white men protest, they are called ‘Nazis’-disseminated by the Jewish global media mafia.

Brown Revisionism is called for

It is time to remove all statues, books, and buildings that symbolize and celebrate so-called white supremacy, including the American anthem and the American flag and, perhaps, the white US presidency too.

Black supremacy in US sports

More NFL players disrespect US anthem, refusing to stand for national unity (Image Source: The Daily Caller). The NFL, much like the NBA, consists of 70% plus African-Americans and nobody knows why but we suspect white supremacy.

This website out of solidarity for billions of Africans supports the cause of black US sportsmen living off their country’s riches to freely disrespect flag and country.

Image source/More on how this NFL black-matters-more movement started in 2016, here.

And always remember, even if you’re not playing in the NFL, there’s a lot you can do to make this country browner!