Racist New York Times spams me daily with their 60% OFF sales scam

The New York Times spams me daily with their 60% OFF sales scam. They must be quite desperate.

Can My Children Be Friends With NYT Journalists? No Shame at The New York Times: Subscriber Spam, Sales Scam, Click-bait, Attention seeking, Fake News, Propaganda, Racism.

But that’s not the News Story… HERE IS THE NEWS STORY:

The Times is evidently willing to spread discontent, fear, anxiety-NOW MORE THAN EVER-just to get back at their deserting readers. How dare you’re not reading our fake news any more? WE’RE 60 % OFF !!! you bigoted penny pinchers!

RACISM, TREASON, CIVIL WAR… let’s see how we get their attention back

Mark Dice, author of The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions, humiliates the New York piss paper over a vindictive, anti-white racism piece of garbage in its op-ed section. This time, NY Times sponsored ‘division and subversion’ truly beggars belief.

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The people on this planet must have noticed by now that the US legacy media is a tool of mind control and mass indoctrination. They were complicit in the past to destroy nations at will. The NY Times WANTS racism, social unrest, terrorism, wars with foreign countries. And if we can’t have any of these today, the journalists simply fabricate stories of outrage and insanity.

The New York Times must constantly spew out ‘sensational news’ promoting fear, racism, social unrest, hate… and manipulate and influence as many people as possible-psychological and emotionally [->Psychological warfare]-, so that consumers will anxiously buy the paper again and again just to be sure the president is still alive and China collapses tomorrow.

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The legacy press is operating just like a militant syndicate, hence the notion of tactical units: ‘press soldiers’ scoring against their enemies: The militant journalists and editors need blood and guts on the streets (it’s a metaphor) to sell their stories about blood and guts on the streets. Race war next? That’s like printing money, aye!