Race Hustlers - Somebody Aggressively Promoting Racism By Smearing Someone Else

You recognize the existence of race? You must be a racist! You mentioned race to anybody? That’s because you are a racist! You deny being a racist? That’s proof that you are a racist! Everybody is racist, everything is racist, you just have to shout it out loud!

There is a group of sadists out there who accuse everyone and everybody of racism, probably to get emotional satisfaction from destroying somebody else’s livelihood and reputation, but also because it will draw some attention to their own miserable lives.

The race hustlers are playing a game of citizens informing on citizens. They are the self-appointed police of the internet. A hustler is somebody who is aggressively selling something, a product or a pitch or themselves. Accordingly, a race hustler is aggressively selling racism.

They claim to be free of racism and that that others must be racist, yet here is the catch: what they are selling is really racism.

Just like the radical feminist see the oppressive patriarchy everywhere, the race hustlers live in a world that consists entirely of racism. They see the world through the prism of race. Some of them do it very militantly, like the congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib who basically exist for telling America that it is racist.

What are your thought on race hustlers? If everything is racist, nothing is racist, no? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!


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  1. be racist because racism is inherently structural, and the power structure in the US encodes White supremacy? I know that sounds like a lot of gobbledygook, and I’m probably not expressing it in precisely the terms someone who believes it would, but the race hustlers are totally up-front about their belief that definitionally, only Whites (and maybe Asians) can be racist.

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