Pro-Trump Facebook groups struggle with trolls and silly memes

Pro-Trump Facebook Groups struggle with silly memes.

Pro-Trump Facebook groups face subversion, harassment, but also: a general lack of good ideas

Most Pro-Trump Facebook groups struggle with spam, memes, and trolling, and a general lack of ‘good content’. Do you see the problem, Yes Or No? …

An administer of a pro-Trump Facebook group with 52,241 members complained that there isn’t any good posts coming in. Instead, either trolls abuse the platform and spill their hate against “the Trumpers,” or me-too idiotic polls, like asking “whether NOBAMA was the greatest POTUS ever.” Such “contributions” get removed swiftly, lest the integrity of the group suffers, but the question remains: what good is there left for the pro-Trump camp to chew on? The answer, not as much as you might think:

Angela Merkel threatens Marc Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder. You crack down on ‘hateful’ comments about the totalitarian EU, or else…

Globalists declared WAR on pro-Trumpers-anywhere in the world!

Truth be told, from observations on Facebook, there isn’t much GOOD PRO-TRUMP material out there, largely because it got censored, banned, delisted, and criminalized-mostly in the European Union. America, too, cracks down on social media. In addition, most legitimate media won’t publish pro-Trump op-eds and articles, and academia banned all favorable studies. In Germany, France, Sweden, and Great Britain, being pro-Trump amounts to ‘hate crime’.

The EU sees Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ and the ‘BREXIT’ as the wish to “break up the EU,” and retaliates with massive crackdown, prosecution, censorship-ESPECIALLY on US social media such as Facebook.

You are not just a struggling, outcast Facebook group there, my dearest patriots, you are a ship on the raving seas far far off a militant coast.

Just saying.