Paris Yellow Vests Protests BLACKED OUT in Germany!

German regime press and media BLACK OUT PARIS PROTESTS!!!

Paris and Berlin are good friends. They are the main drivers of the totalitarian EU. So good friends, in fact, they ban certain negative news about each other. So, while the international press reports the chaos in Paris when thousands of protesters marched against high fuel prices, clash with the police, the German press remained dead silent.

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German regime media known for pro-EU manipulating of the news

It got mentioned at the beginning of the week eight days ago, to be fair, but was quickly blacked out the follow-up days (last check: Nov 26, 2018 [1 SPIEGEL] [2 FAZ] [3 ZEIT] [4 ARD]). Instead, the German press and media focuse on US border guards using teargas against migrants (tear gas was also used by Paris against its own people).

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Collusion among the big publishing and media houses

The German media are co-optated. It means they are reporting the same, in concert, and ban certain news, in concert. The power they hold over the Germans’ perception of the world is rather frightening.

Image source: RUPTLY