Mark Dice HUMILIATES the lying, corrupt US Mainstream Media

Mark Dice

This is pain-relieving and anti-depressant stuff: While the social media-Twitter, Facebook, Google/Youtube-are starting to collude with the legacy media-CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times-, a small ‘time window’ is still open wide enough to have great works of citizen protest march through: Mark Dice, a Youtuber with over 300 million video views, presents his new book: ‘The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions‘.

“If you like my Youtube channel, you will love this book!”-Mark Dice

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It is a masterpiece, better than anything the expert journalists at the legacy media produced in decades, and it is entirely self-funded and distributed via the internet (for now). In this book, Mark tears down and apart the REAL “fake news media” and exposes the media mafia that runs America by telling us want to think and whom to vote for (Hillary Clinton, you deplorable scumbags!).

From Youtube political activist to Force of Nature

Dice in 2012, just starting his career as a truther. Source:

Mark Dice, the business man, of course is not without his own contradictions. He rose to fame as a satirist and truther (conspiracy theorists) who used propaganda techniques on his own to arouse the masses and to grab ever more public attention. With the 2016 election campaign and Donald Trump came his golden opportunity. In effect, he does what the media he criticizes does, only without a global, billion-dollars empire. He stands for a new ‘form’ of media: call it citizen media, alternative media, or people’s media, in which individuals are the consumers AND the producers of news not centralized and in the hands of a few mega news corporations.

Lucky Americans. Unlike the Europeans who are being completely controlled and brainwashed by their still 99% intact regime medias, the Americans for historical reasons are fortunate enough by being protected by their First Amendment AND by owning the global media and new social media (the Europeans have NOTHING).

Only America could have produced a Mark Dice

A person like Mike Dice would have been silenced, censored and zersetzt in Europe faster than he could snap his fingers. We have some like him in Germany, but they are taken down and their livelihood destroyed long before they can make a difference. Therefore, it is with great relief and hope for a better future, globally, that this American, Mark Dice, has the genius and lives in the right country to ram it deep down and up those lying media bastards’ poop holes.