LGBTQ activist barbecued pets, burned down his own house

Transgendered activist faked ‘hate crime’ by setting his own house with pets in it on fire.

Another fabricated hate crime exposed. After Jussie Smollett, the gay and black ‘Empire’ actor was found to have staged a hate crime against himself in order to further his career as a victim, another hate crime hoax case collapsed.

Nikki Joly, a 54-year-old transgendered gay activist apparently set his own house and pets ablaze in order to attain nationwide media attention for his activist cause. He blamed unknown homophobic, right-wing extremists as the perpetrators. All lies, as it turned out.

Yes, it’s all fake, assured the police department after one year of intense investigations. Mr. Joly or Ms. Joly set his or her own house on fire and torched the pets inside alive and is now gonna be charged with first degree arson.

Apparently, it is now en vogue for left-wing doofi to invent hate crimes in order to obtain immediate celebrity status. Be it college women who accuse men of rape, Antifa activists who smear swastikas on every corner and blame Nazis, to gay people who hallucinate homophobic discrimination where there is none.

All do it to advance their own lives or careers as victimized minorities, and sun in the glory of multi-million dollars worth of media coverage. Enough.