It’s Okay To Be White - Overcoming Racism

The racism thrown at white people since Donald Trump’s election in 2016 has increased dramatically, but now there seems to follow a movement of ethnic emancipation and social enlightenment. Even some people of color now call for an end to white racism (hating on whites) and some form of truce.

The tagline of this movement: ‘It’s okay to be white’. It tells whites of all shades that they must not feel guilt or shame about their ancestors crimes in which they had no immediate partake. Whites have been blamed for many social ills such as colonialism as well as Nazism.

Shaming white people to feel responsible for the world’s miseries of past and present was always a bad idea and a money scam really.

It was a convenient way to coerce whites into paying reparations to minority groups, even entire states, over their past oppression, whether real or imagined. One woman in the USA set up a website and asked for donation from whites who feel guilty about their white existence, and got rich from it.

This goes to show how conditioned white people have become, how anxious they are, about their skin color offending colored people. This tyranny of white racism has to stop.

We should embrace our ethnic diversity in a world that’s increasingly non-white anyway (barely 11% of the world’s population, and decreasing). All colors are welcomed. It is okay to be black, red, brown, yellow. It is okay to be white also.