I’m 93% White, Sorry… Not

Not sorry. A year ago, I used a so-called ethnicity analyser or heritage scanner to find out, from my facial features alone, h ow much white, Asian, Latino, or other I was. The answer: I look 93% white.

Unfortunately, the diversity recognition app ‘Kairos’ I was using is now closed (as of June 2018). But I have some thought to share about the experience.

To be frank, I used on upfront shot without beard for maximal exposure. In another, second picture, in which I look sideways and with a beard, the results was 30% Asian.

So, the face recognition software was imperfect, to say the least. Still, over 10 million people all over the world allegedly used the same app to find out their heritage. Naturally, users exchanged their results and opinions on it.

What I wanted to discuss is the racial charged message that these face scanner software send, or better: unleash.

They basically scan your ass and infer your age, gender, and ethnicity. Soon.

As to its social implications, I felt that I had to apologize for the politically incorrect identity of being 93% white, as in white guilt or shame or something. That really sucked.

I thought there was white racism applied toward me, especially from the radical left and feminists. In their views, white people are responsible for all the world’s ills.

Whatever, I am not sorry for my heritage, and so shouldn’t you. We are what we are, and walk with dignity.

Do you have experience with face scanners? What’s your opinion about them? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!