Guardian Compares Brexit To Pre-Nazi Germany

Send Martin Kettle, the Guardian columnist, to a German propaganda exhibition in Berlin, and this impressionable idiot readily returns home telling how similar Brexit Britain was to pre-Nazi Germany.

Martin Kettle is a foreign agent and a fool. Of course the Germans don’t want a Brexit and demonize it as the next Nazi - regardless of how stupid this comparison is.

No matter how insane a theory, if you repeat it often enough, and put it in, say, an exhibition in Berlin, it becomes plausible.

And the insanely irresponsible activist Guardian newspaper publishes such crap later on. In fact, it is non-news. Totally incompetent.

Martin Kettle even confesses he has no clue. Quote: “This is not a prelude to claiming that Germany - or Britain - is sleepwalking towards fascism in the Nazi sense.” No? Then why reporting it!

Quote: “I do not pretend to be an expert on German history.” You are not? Then shut the fuck up!

I love it how everything the Guardian doesn’t agree with in politics is Nazi. So, here we are, the Guardian compares Brexit to the pre-Nazi era. What a divisive hateful paper.

But I could be wrong and the Nazi-Brexit talk is just normal journalism now in Britain, just as the totalitarian European Union wishes. What is your opinion? Don’t be shy and leave and comment!