Germany wants Youtubers licensized

German Fear of Regime Change through US Social Media.

When Youtube was conceived in 2005, it was evident that all so-called ‘content-creators- on Youtube clashed, one way or another, with written German law. However, Germany couldn’t do much about it, because Youtube is an US company and Germany lost World War 1 and 2 to America. In short, Germany had to endure digital colonialism.

Now, in 2018, Germany feels BIG -EU-size BIG- and ready to roll back the US carpet. The regime will no longer tolerate free speech of its citizens on US social platforms, including Youtube.

But before we start, and first of all in defense of Germany, it needs be said that Germany has no First Amendment and no constitution that allows for free speech like the US constitution does. Germany puts ‘dignity’, a vague term, before the freedom to express oneself. It means basically that you cannot insult our dear leaders and top officials. Keep this in mind when reading further down this text:

A hatespeech law was enacted that bans all…. hateful speech and commentary anywhere on the Internet.

A privacy law was enacted that forbids Youtubers to film or show anything or anyone without that owner’s or person’s written consent.

A copyright law was enacted that eliminates free use of second party material on social media (in order to protect the regime media’s material from being criticized).

A license law was enacted that says all Youtubers who comment in public are public commentators and therefore need a broadcast license.

A TV license law was enacted that forces Youtubers who stream frequently to apply for a proper TV license, even if the content is just online.

An censorship ‘police’ force was installed to flag, strike, and ban politically insensitive comments on US social networks.

A new terror law is soon to be enacted that will ban terror from Youtube -whatever the regime wishes that means.

There are, I believe, three key motives behind the German hyper-regulation:

  1. Fear of regime change in Germany, too. Evidence: All laws were enacted after BREXIT and TRUMP America.
  2. Fear of regime change. Evidence: The legacy media collude with the regime to get rid of so-called ‘alternative news’.
  3. Fear of regime change: Evidence: US companies are to be subjected to strict EU laws or else endanger the German/EU regimes.

As you can tell, all three key motives are fear of regime change in Germany. You can imagine how fearful the regime must be. If you are a content creator on Youtube, be sure to relocate to the USA, Canada, the UK, or any other country but Germany, or else you will regret it sooner or later. They (the Internet police) will come for you.