Facebook Police: Zuckerberg Joins France in Prosecution Of Hate Speech

Freedom of Speech in France no more. The French president, little man Macron, wants to be the first president and nation in the world to exterminate ‘hate speech’ on the Internet.

He cannot do so, however, without the cooperation of US Internet firms who control the world wide web. So, Macron has to bribe them, extort them, coerce them.

Facebook, the social network, succumbed to France’s pressure. If it wants to do business in France, it must cooperate with the judiciary and hunt down those who express the wrong opinions online.

Modern Day Censorship

Facebook will from now on pro-actively report and share the identities of the creators of ‘hate posts’ on its platform. In other words, Facebook has now become part of the system, the prosecution.

Most people have no idea how insane this is. One day you could write negatively about president Macron and his cronies, the next day Facebook will report you to the judges and various regime forces. You will not know what hit you and who reported you.

Frenchbook, the Social Police Network

How is France justifying the Facebook pact? It compares the war on hate speech with the war on terrorism. In the recent past, Facebook had cooperated with authorities and revealed the personal data and identities of terror suspects. That went so well, the regime now believes it will work wonders with the identification of wrongthink on the Internet as well.

In France, Facebook is now a branch of the thought police.

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