Dalai Lama Canceled - Tibetan Buddhist Leader Under Attack By Speech Police

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said the wrong thing and is now on the target list of the politically correct speech police. Yes, the Left is eating their own beloved exemplary persons.

He said two things. One, he says Europe shouldn’t become Muslim or African. Which makes him a xenophobic racist.

Next he said that his theoretical female successor should be an attractive woman. Which makes him a sexist chauvinist.

Yes, she is hot. But is she Dalai Lama hot?

Quote: “Dailai Lama stoking Islamophobia and xenophobia. Shameful.” And another quote: “This comment by the Dalai Lama is both Islamophobic and racist.”

All he does is speaking common sense and above all his mind and personal opinion, freedom of speech, and he gets destroyed by feminists and the radical Left.

Good bye Dalai Lama as a Western hero and brother and arms. He has become a person non-grata in the West. What a shame it has come to this.

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