China Uncensored Is Extreme Anti-Chinese Propaganda

Imagine you founded a ‘news organization’ with the sole purpose of subverting, destabilizing, and destroying a government from without.

Say, you want to destroy the American, German, or French regime. You set up your studio with the help of like-minded forces. You get funded by sympathetic foreign intelligence services and interest groups. They share your desire to hurt your target country.

You pretend “to just report the uncensored news” about that target country, which are all negative, cruel, over-exaggerated and overtly negative. In short, you are setting up a propaganda channel.

Now, if your target country were America, Germany, or France, your corporation would immediately be labelled a foreign agent, a hateful group, a conspiracy show, a terrorist organization, or even an enemy of state. You would be closely watched by the nation’s security watchdog, if not banned outright.

That’s because such propaganda channels are unconstitutional, unlawful, and they undermine democracy and thus the public order.

Yet, when your target country is China, all laws and regulations are off the table. Of course, the subversion, destabilization, and destruction of the Chinese regime are welcomed, highly anticipated, and much sponsored.

One of those anti-China propaganda organizations is ‘New Tang Dynasty Television’ based in New York City. The company is awash with money, understandably, and finances several news projects with the goal to smear and slander China.

One such projects is a Youtube channel called ‘China Uncensored’.

I won’t tell you too much, but you ought to check it out yourself and marvel at the aggressive, partisan, fiendish ‘anti-News’ thrown at China for your sadistic pleasure. It really spews hate and division -for China. It will be impossible for you to like China ever again, at least not until the Chinese regime dies.

It is therefore a good example and lesson of what humans are willing to say and broadcast about other countries just to wish them harm and downfall.

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