Carlos Maza And Youtube’s VoxAdpocalypse

A very queer Mexican homosexual at Vox News, Carlos Maza, complained, first on Twitter, later on CNN, that he was called a queer Mexican on Youtube.

Youtube used this incident and released it yet most repressive clean-swipe on it platform.

In a blog post, entitled ‘Our ongoing work to tackle hate’, Youtube explains what is going to come down, and it reads like a Stalinist purge concocted in the most frightening newspeak.

Quote: “Removing more hateful and supremacist content from Youtube.”

In effect, Youtube is gradually expulsing all dissidents, conservatives, patriots, cultural critics, and political analysts with the wrong views from its platform. First, by demonetizing them, then by blacklisting them, and last by deleting them.

Affected bigger Youtube channels so far are YouKipper, The Great Order, Varg, Martin Sellner, James Alssup, Steven Crowder, Red Ice TV, Sinatra Says, Milo, Black Pigeon Speaks, and hundreds more.

Everyone else conservative is reporting lower viewer counts, as Youtube is manipulating its algorithms to weaken them.

This intolerant, truth-averse wave of censorship is all-consuming and it will change the Internet forever. It could look a lot more friendlier, utopian… but it certainly will never be free again.


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