Billion-Dollar Tiananmen Anti-China Propaganda Campaign Launched

Western media, all of them, are getting into gear for the greatest anti-China propaganda campaign since the invention of mass media and in history. All Western media, a multi-million dollar empire, will set in motion to deliver a blow of shaming onto Beijing’s nuts.

Hundred of thousands of journalists, governments, secret services, NGOs and all sorts of writers will produce as many reports, articles, commentaries on how, 30 years ago on June 4th, “Chinese troops opened fire on their own people.” Quote by Reuters.

In addition, all Western TV stations, flagship journals, and social networks will waste billions of dollars of media and news ‘real estate’ for this China-bashing.

The combined value of the Western propaganda campaign is so gargantuan, so overkill, that no other single day or anniversary in the history of the West can hold its place. Yet, at the same time, all Western people, with the exception of sinologists, will forget that date by next Monday.

No criticism, by the way, of Western involvement in the coup and regime change activities 30 years ago, till today really. Silence. Black out. Lest we recall the crimes of the West.

We are told that China is evil, that is is the ideological, political, and economic enemy of the West. Which you will have to believe or else, what sort of cruel human being are you?!

I am not making a moral judgement here. I just want you to realize the scope and value of Western propaganda, its crushing moral effect on its foes, and the money involved. They are testing US fighter-bombers landing on highways in Taiwan prior to June 4th. Let that sink in.

What is your experience with the Tiananmen propaganda show in the West? Don’t be shy and leave a comment!


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