You can’t buy a book you don’t know exists

No matter how revolutionary a book is, how bold its premises, how game-changing its implications, no one is going to buy that damn book if it is virtually unknown.

Publishers were known as sole marketing platforms to get the word out there, and now it is celebrities who are known to get the word out there too.

Still, that leaves the market titled and partisan between the haves and the not-haves. Especially small publishers and newcomers face an impossible upward battle against thousands of odds and a hundred layers of glass ceilings. Yes, the game of books is rigged.

Knowing this precondition, however, our books were conceived as timeless works of creativity and art. They exist without any marketing at all, which is quite remarkable, still, but simply not economically viable in this century where often the gilded books are sponsored and the worthy ones forgotten.

It doesn’t help, obviously, that the Internet is biased in favor of large cooperation and media who support, in concert, only those books already prepaid, predestined and hyped to the moon.

We must not allow this systematic bias to become an unchangeable algorithm to discourage us. We must not buy what large cooperation and media feed us with, but be open to new, unexplored territories and novel experiences.

That’s why our books represent the rare, ageless wisdom of genuine scholarship and impertinent relevancy. We will forever resist and prevail.