Xi Says: “No Civilization Superior” (China Bombshell)

Quote: “It is foolish to believe that one’s race and civilization are superior to others!”

Xi Jinping made the remarks during the opening speech at the ‘Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations,” a highly closed-off and sealed-in gathering of head of states and cultural experts.

Xi told the Western media that China’s way is that of “openness” and that China has learned in the past from contacts with Buddhism, Western Marxism, and Islam.

This is all very surprising speech, as the Western powers surely believe they are superior, and China surely must think it will become superior to the West one day.

But this is the difference between China and Xi Jinping on the one side, and America and Donald Trump on the other side: Trump believes Chinese civilization is still on the back foot. Xi Jinping, knows it.

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