The US is NOT subverted by Russia, it is subverted by American communists who will take over

Globalism is Communism in New Attempt and Disguise

In the study of Communism and Communist propaganda in particular, you will see a reflection of the current psychological state of America. Helplessly, the corrupt ‘Liberal democrats’ blame Trump supporters and a big Russian shadow for the subversion and corrosion of the USA.

In reality, of course, it is largely the Liberal democrats who have brought about the chaos and enabled this ideological mess. Frankly, they enabled Communism.

The Democrats and the leftist establishment somehow took complete control-in the History of philosophy we call that the Hegelian ‘master narrative’-over Washington, New York, Hollywood, the mass media-CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.-who are now busy producing the heroizations of non-whites folks and the nazifications of white Americans. American schools, universities, even kindergartens are now completely subverted.

At least two generations of Americans by and large are now in the majority Communist-only they don’t use that word. They don’t call it Communism. They call this amazingly perfect theory: Globalism.

“In Communism, the end goal of history and man is socialism.
Can’t we just agree on calling it Globalism then!”

They were indoctrinated with the same cultural and biological Marxism the Chinese and Soviets were indoctrinated during their own respective “cultural revolutions.” Pseudosciences like democracy, feminism, social justice, homosexuality, racial equality, and salvation through foreign invasion are now American curriculum. Of course, the virus of Communism mutated: Today, it is not “workers of the world unite;” it is “victims of white supremacy unite!” Which is a LOT MORE PEOPLE than in the original! In Communist terms: a “new class of men” will emerge, completely heroic, tolerant and self-less.

Think! The class enemies of the Communists: Evil white supremacists and Nazis. The class enemies of the Globalists: Evil white supremacists and Nazis.

And uh, oh: the eternal victims: Everyone is oppressed by everyone else, of course, so only total de-nationalization, de-genderization, de-construction of the family, rampant censorship, and the mixing of races are ideologically permissible and politically correct.

Just saying: Don’t blame the Russians. They are actually dumbfounded as most of us are, and pretty scared too, about the developments in America.