Sadiq Khan Disrespects The President

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim extremist mayor of London, thinks the City, and by extension this country, belong to him.

So now he has he audacity to disrespect, on behalf of London and the United Kingdom, the leader of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

Khan said on Sky News that the United Kingdom shouldn’t roll out the red carpet and give Trump a state visit.

It gets worse: Donald Trump is like a 20th-Century Fascist, the arrogant Islamic leader Khan said.

And: Trump is on the wrong side of history.

It is evident that Sadiq Khan opposes a Trump visit to London in June 2019, just as he opposed a Trump visit back in 2017, when he called on the British government to cancel Trump’s state visit.

Sadiq feels like a true Muslim ruler and conqueror of the West’s ‘Holy City of London’. He has given Islam a leg up and has managed to replace the English native population by immigrants.

He has invited Islam with open arms, including Sharia Law and terrorism and gangs of child abusers.

He also abhors democracy by ignoring the BREXIT vote. Sadiq Khan is a strong remainer and nothing but remaining in the totalitarian EU will do for him.

So, I ask, what kind of tyrant do we have over there in London! No wonder he attack the US president Trump who apparently is the only person in Britain who dares to object, oppose, and answer back to the Muslim Khan.

The rest of Britain toes the line of its new Muslim overlord.

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