Media Wrongly Call It Tiananmen Massacre

It didn’t happen on Tiananmen square, and whether it was a massacre or a bloody revolt is up to propaganda. There was no massacre on Tiananmen.

There is a historic consensus, however, to call the clash between protesters and the police, later: the military, in Beijing 30 years ago “the Tiananmen Protest’. Because a protest really happened on Tiananmen square at first.

But the German media, who we recall where the most cruel and reckless colonialists in Asia in the past, can’t live with that truthful convention.

Instead, the German media still call it the ‘Tiananmen Massacre’, despite there having been no massacre on Tiananmen.

Die Zeit, the German regime press, dished out one article after another with ‘Tiananmen massacre’ in the headlines.

The real killings, if you want to call it a massacre, happened in the west of Beijing, west of Tiananmen square, where brutal street fights occurred.

It was convenient Western propaganda during the Cold War, and before the Internet, to misinterpret the happenings and call them ‘Tiananmen Massacre’ because it has such a cool ring to it. Tiananmen means Gate to Heavenly Peace.

The naming was a hoax.


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