Censorship by Google - The Search is Rigged

And Google said,
I will remove undesirable websites which I have blacklisted from the face of the internet; demote their page rank, their domain authority and their page authority, and wipe their search results off my engines; for it repenteth me that people can find them.

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Google enforces a worldwide US-led crackdown on independent, non-corporate websites. Targeted websites are de-ranked and de-listed, resulting in Page Rank 0 (Zero):

Google ‘de-listed’ east-west-dichotomy.com from Google directory in 2013. In 2016, it further de-ranked its PageRank (from 3) to 0/10. Domain Authority and Page Authority went down (from 24 to 17) to 7/100. Despite this, the sites still recovered to 10,000 unique visitors/month (Oct. 2016)
The Saker writes about geopolitics. He has tens of thousands of readers. His website ranks No. 57041 in the world. Not bad. He is pro-Russian. Google said: Page Rank 0. Zero.
The Rebel or Rebel Media is a political incorrect media based in free Canada. It’s website ranks No 37501 in the world. The American regime hates its attitude. Also, The Rebel supports Donald Trump. Google reacted: Page Rank 0. Zero. Sorry, Gavin McInnes.
Alan Watt is a Scottish-Canadian truther and conspiracy theorist. He is very successful. So much so, that Google de-listed his website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Page Rank 0. 0 out of 10. Trash level.
Compact is a dissident website which features prominent German politicians and public intellectuals of the far Right. The German regime hates it. Google conspires with the regime and sets Compact back to Page Rank 0. It’s not a level playing field.
Arudou Debito was born American but later acquired Japanese citizenship. He makes a living in Tokyo writing about how everything in Japan is racist. Very famous, because extreme controversial. Google says, for public relations sake cut him short: Page Rank 0.
The Soka Gakkai is the world’s largest Buddhist organization. Headquartered in Tokyo, it runs kindergartens, high-schools, two universities, publishing houses, research centers and offices around the world. It even founded its own political party, Komeito. Google said, enough Japanese influence: Page Rank 0.

Warning: Google is NOT a public service! It is a private US company with a global monopoly on searches throughout the internet. It is known to delete on request unpleasant information about politicians and corrupt journalists. It favors certain politicians (and others, it punishes).

Google has probably de-listed tens of thousands of alternative media and websites and forced them to the fringes of the internet or out of business.

Last, Google owns Youtube, the video-sharing site. In 2016, Youtube started de-monetizising hundreds of thousands of “politically incorrect” videos in a bet to force their creators into toeing Google/Youtube‘s company’s ethics. And nobody can do a thing about it.

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by the East-West Writer

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