Censorship And More Censorship On Youtube (feat. Tim Pool & Dave Cullen)

Google-Youtube released a blog post outlining in detail how they are going to sweep-clean the platform of hateful or borderline politically incorrect content, whatever that means. Anyone who discriminates against any group (gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) is going to see the hammer of censorship fall.

Preferred methodology to deal with the wrongthinkers is demonetization, shadowbanning, delisting and, ultimately, termination from the video platform.

Many famous truther Youtube channels such as Red Ice TV and Stefan Molyneux or Black Pigeon Speaks are in danger of slowly vanishing. Meanwhile, other not-so-famous truther channels are disappearing without a voice.

There is more. Misinformation and fake news. Of course, it is only misinformation and fake news if the alternative media or independent media or citizen media are reporting it, so they will get banned. The mainstream media, herwithin called ‘the authoritative media’, are going to get a leg up. Welcome to State Youtube or ‘StateTube’ and Corporate Youtube or ‘CorporateTube’.

The censorship is elaborated on in great detail by Irish Youtube guru Dave Cullen and Tim Pool from TimCast media. Videos linked in the post below.

Dave Cullen explains how conservative channels like himself saw 50% decrease in viewership due to Youtube’s algorithm changes since 2018. He also reports more of his videos are getting demonetized and deranked (not recommended anymore). Dave calls upon President Trump for help.

Tim Pool describes how Steven Crowder, a massive Youtuber and conservative, had been demonetized and how Youtube changes its ‘user policy’ arbitrarily in order to conspire to ‘mass censorship’ in the coming days and weeks.

This is serious stuff. The free internet as we knew it is gone.


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