Can 12-year-olds be “journalists”? Guardian says yes!

Relevant. Bold. And under-aged. Reads the Guardian headline: ‘Journalist, 12, faces off with police officer who threatened to arrest her’.

And, further down the text: “Hilde Lysiak’s scoop became a bigger story than the murder.”

The story proves that their are absolute zero requirements at the Guardian for being “a journalist” except being a good scoop, which is what many readers have suspected a long time.

No schooling, no journalistic degree, no apprenticeship, no craft, no skill is indeed needed -just hype any person, even if it’s an under-aged girl, and she is sure to become whatever you write her out to be: “a journalist!”

As a useful note: The ding-dongs at the Guardian are just plagiarists. Most other leftist crap news media have called Hilde Lysiak “a journalist” before. Or even “a publisher” and “a reporter.” Good for her. The New York Times called her “a journalist” when she was only 9 years of age. Imagine that.

Writes the Washington Post: “She has continued to break news about bank robberies, alleged rapes and other lurid crimes in the Orange Street News.”

Which goes about to show that any idiocy those gossip papers commit becomes kind of reality. Frightening thought. Good that their readers have the attention span of a fly.