Black Pigeon Speaks Banned, World At War!

This looks like the bitterly sad end of a Youtube career: Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS), who has amassed close to 500k subscribers and about 300m views, is gone. If you go to his channel, you’ll be greeted by the account termination notice. The reason? Multiple instances of severe violations of Youtube’s policy against hate speech. What was the hate speech? We will never know, because all his videos have been deleted.

Whether this is permanent or can be appealed in some ways remains to be seen. Youtube had already demonetized thousands of right-wing political channels, and deleted others; most prominently Alex Jones of Infowars.

Black Pigeon Speaks Youtube Channel Banned For Hate Speech

There is one thing I would like to add to the censorship debate, humbly so. It it unusual for an American company, Google-Youtube, to silence freedom of speech in such drastic, disrespectful manner, unless we are in a war situation.

This is intelligence services, the regime in power, and the deep state coercing a big tech company into silencing political dissidents under the pretense of hateful speech.

In reality, we have a war and the Left has taken over the country and they are now killing off the opposition, figuratively speaking. Black Pigeon Speaks is not located in the United States, so it goes without saying that the USA is using its global reach to silence any voice on the planet if it’s hate speech.

Think about that and you know it is a human race issue. It is about all of us, humanity. Our rulers are at war with the people.

Spread and share the message, brothers and sisters. We are at war over freedom of speech, a human right.


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