BBC Put Down The Trump Baby Balloon, You Twats!

Impartial media was a concept in the past where the news where presented in a non-partisan, objective manner. BBC uses public funds and tax payers money to spread anti-Trump propaganda now.

Do we have to accept this journo terror? No! Do we have to capitulate before this leftist media shitbag? No!

Our BBC openly mocks the President of the United States in its daily News coverage. The BBC is sick. Demons do this, not journalists.

Putting a baby blimp angry Trump balloon in your studio and openly confess it is there to mock the President is the worst insult to US-UK relations since the invention of TV.

Nobody has to put up with this. It is time the BBC disappears from hotel rooms and public spaces around the globe. It’s a regime media anyway. It’s not the free market of news and ideas.

Don’t pay the BBC compulsory tax. They can’t force you dead! Call them out in their comment sections. Vote parties that oppose the tyranny of the lying press. You are not helpless. Write your resistance. Broadcast your disappointment. Make a resistance blog. Produce a Youtube video! Something!


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