Abortion Now Leading Cause of Death before Death itself

Imagine your mother had aborted you. Because you were unwanted. Well, it didn’t happen to you, but it happens to many not-so-lucky boys and girls.

Mass abortions must stop. The West and its allies have spent much propaganda on telling women two things: 1) prevent pregnancy and 2) if it occurs, terminate it. We also tell our women that they must have fewer children and far later in life, preferably in their 30’s. How insane.

This is propaganda madness. It is population control disguised as meant-well feminism, planned parenthood, or human rights. But now, the West has overdone it. Birth rates are declining rapidly and the West has started population replacement through mass immigration. Apparently to fill up the empty slots, the babies that were killed before they were born.

The numbers are terrible. Germany under-reports its abortions, but still announced 100,000 abortions a year. In Great Britain and France, the numbers are much higher: 205,000 and 210,000 respectively. Japan, a Western ally, registers about 300,000 abortions each year. The United States of America report about 650,000 abortions annually. This is insanity. This is anti-life.

Worldwide, the numbers of premature termination of pregnancy are estimated to exceed 42 million annually. That’s about the number of war death during entire World War II.

It is common sense to abort a pregnancy if the unborn is genetically defect, or the mother’s life in danger, or the pregnancy the result of a vicious crime.

But these are not the reasons in the majority of abortion cases in the first world. On the contrary, women in the West and in Japan are getting ‘accidentally pregnant’ and then decide to undo the experience. It’s a crime of fashion.

Abortion is killing more people than traffic accidents and suicide combined.

More people die from abortion than of cancer.

Abortion is now the leading cause of death for humanity before death itself.


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