How Terrorism became the new “Normal” in the UK [aka Bombing at Manchester]

Terrorism the new “Normal” in Great Britain

So another terrorist attack took place in the UK during a pop concert in Manchester, killing 22 and wounding 50. And by wounding we mean severed body parts, scorched skins, and disabilities for life. This is true horror. Especially because so many causalities were so young.

Politicians might think the same, but they have to wait first and check for politically sensitive trappings. If it was Islamic terrorism or a migrant crime, than there is nothing our elites can do but professional mourning. As London major Sadiq Khan said after the terror attack at Westminster this year: “Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city.” In other words, get on with city.

Western leaders have perfected ‘elite mourning’ after each terrorist attack as terrorism became the new normal in Europe.

If, however, this Manchester attack can be attributed to IRA fighters, nationalists, white supremacists, or -very generally- to indigenous, native Brits, than our government would finally be able to act and fight terrorism. Maybe.

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The Western Response to Terrorist Attacks

The victims of terrorism are not helped by this sort of politicization. They are gone. And believe this: No politician thinks primarily about the victims. They think about their careers. If a similar attack happens in EU Germany, say, like the one in Berlin last December, the families of the victims are silenced. No media platform for the families of the victims, as their righteous anger could incite hatred —which could destabilize social order, which could destabilize… the state.

The terrorists are not the enemy of state. The people are. That’s why terrorists attack the people. To expose the state.