Why should we leave the EU - THE ULTIMATE ANSWER

BRUSSELS - Sure you’ve read hundreds, if not thousands of great comments and good reasons on why you should vote to exit the European Union.

You now know 100% that the European Union is an authoritarian regime; that it is going to strip away your nation’s democracy and sovereignty. But you also know for a fact that if you stay out and opposite the EU, you will be vastly outnumbered. It’s a true dilemma, isn’t it!

Fortunately, here’s the ultimate answer, the most eloquent, persuasive, politically incorrect commentary in favor of BREXIT we could find on the Internet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, via Youtube and 350,000 views: The one-and-only Pat Condell:

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Image source: ‘Exit To Enter A New Era: Prosperous Trading Nations’, unknown author

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Pat Condell are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The East-West Dichotomy.