Obama’s 70 Vehicles Convoy

HANNOVER (GERMANY) - Shout-out to Rockland Radio. They posted this April 2016 video, ‘Obamas Fahrt zur Hannover Messe’ (Obama drives to Hannover Fair), complete with vehicle counter, Haha! To be fair… there’s no subway, and important can’t take the bus, can they? Still, 70 vehicles!!! (including motorcycles, excluding helicopters) is hysterical:

Little digression: It’s almost impossible, without media collusion and fake angles, for a US president to appear in German public. The German capital media is pro-USA, of course. Still: US state terrorism in the Middle East, the new US Cold War with Russia (and China), the CIA/NSA surveillance of the German people, the refugee crisis (that most Germans attribute, rightly or wrongly, to US Imperialism), the lies of the media, and now the unfair TTIP treaty… the public anger towards American foreign policy is real. :-(

Back on track: If the “most powerful man in the world” drives across your neighborhood, a fleet of minimum 16 car has become the norm. In comparison to a backwater like Germany, here’s Obama in the UK, also 2016, with just 22 vehicles entourage. Cute:

Not too shabby: Obama in Poland, in 2011, with his 40 vehicle motorcade:

Obama in Thailand, in 2012, with 40 vehicles (including bikes):

P.S. Filming ‘presidential convoy’ or ‘motorcades’ and analyzing and comparing them has become an internet sport. Here’s Obama’s impressive caravan in Chicago, USA, in 2014: It’s 50 cars:

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, the president is not in danger from less cars in his motorcade. But he would be a lot less awesome, no?

P.P.S. The basic units of Obama’s motorcade are: Cadillac One (“the Beast”), a decoy (identical to the president’s car), several staff transports, secret service, anti-terror units, ID cars (technicians, counter-surveillance), scout patrols (even with sniffer dogs, sometimes), police escorts, lead and tail vans, press units, and ambulance.P.P.S. The presidential motorcade is only a fraction of the presidential delegation. For example, when Obama visited India in 2015, over 3.000 staff, lobbyists, culture makers, and associates accompanied him, filling several airplanes, over the course of two weeks. The core motorcade itself is flown in via heavy cargo-transports from the United States.