New York Times Sales Scam Forever

Journo-Narcissism with impact: The New York Times sales scam is here!

Another week, another “special 60 % OFF sales” spam mail from our beloved fake news: The New York Slimes. Can’t dodge the New York Slimes spam bombing. Can’t beat the subscriber fraud: It’s “60 % OFF”-OVER AND OVER and over and over again… and in case you didn’t click-baited this SPECIAL OFFER “just for you,” hang in there, you gullible folks and bargain hunters, because the sensational offer renews itself automatically! ;-D That’s right. There’s no full priceCorrupt journalists, shameless lies and propaganda, endless subscriber scam… ta ta: 60 % OFF!!!

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Sales spam from August 2017 (selected):

“Limited time offer”…my ass! We collect “limited time offers” from the New York Slimes for the last three years. Those 60 % OFF offers renew themselves as fast as they allegedly “end today.” It’s shameless subscriber scam, plain and simple.
Oh grab this “60 % off for one year” LIMITED TIME OFFER from the New York Slimes! OR… WAIT for the NEXT limited time offer that starts as soon as this one ends.
What’s that? That’s just a “50 % OFF” offer mixed in the sales spam! A week later, it’s “60 % OFF” again. Which makes us think: Is there anyone who pays 100% for the New York Slimes that is open source on the internet anyway? :-D

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Sales spam from June 2017 (selected):

Just the June 2017 special sales offers from the New York Slimes, and just in this email box. The fake news corporation is also spamming Twitter and Facebook account with their disgusting subscriber scam.
The New York Slimes sends endlessly renewed “Limited time offers” to tens of thousands of internet users. Disgusting sales spam.
“Understand how you’re affected” INDEED, by the New York Times subscriber fraud. We have collected hundreds of “Limited time offers” from the fake news corporation over the years. Their fraudulent business practice is this: Basically it is “60 % OFF” at all times, haha!