Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington D.C. shameful, worst in history

I don’t know about you but millions of Americans and their president didn’t attend this year’s shameful White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And why should they, when everything those arrogant journalists really do is celebrating themselves.

The inner circle of organized gossipers and insufferable narcissists

Those professional manipulators at Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, Washington Post and what have you, really believe themselves to be indispensable. And if their lies and make-belief get called out, they’ll call their critics back the enemy of press freedom. In reality, everyone loves press freedom. But they are NOT the free press! They are the corrupt and colluded. They are the ‘fake news media’!

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Meanwhile, president Donald Trump upstaged the Correspondents’ dinner by meeting with his supporter base in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Interesting. It was the greater event! The alternative media, the people’s media, and the social networks all loved it. The greater part of Americans are just not interested in the unelected press aristocracy telling us what to think and whom to vote for. On the contrary, most see the Correspondents’ dinner as a gathering of condescending pricks. It must be intolerable to the wanna-be ‘political advisers’ class in Washington: to be perceived as swamp and cancer.

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Legacy media panicking about their own legacy

“We have the duty to hold our leaders accountable,” cried Reuters. Yes maybe, but who holds the press accountable -that’s also the press! And that is a press dictatorship. We are living in it.

“We are not fake news!” the media issued a joint statement showing absolutely no progress or evolution as the 21st century has stopped revolving around their hurt feelings. Their tyranny is over. And Lord of lost entitlement… can some of those expert manipulators be crybaby and vindictive.

For this last corrupt class of men and women it would rather be total war than losing their grip on power over America’s master narrative. And the battles are going to be brutal.