#protectEurope (feat. Alina von Rauheneck)

A female activist speaks out against a controversial remark by President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, who said the following: “Islamophobia […] the day will come when we will ask all women, ALL WOMEN, to wear a head-scarf out of solidarity for those women who wear it for religious reasons.” Her response video is down below [please click the image]:

Alina von Rauheneck [real name: Alina Wychera] belongs to the so-called identitarian postergirls or “#identitariangirls:

“Europa.” The name and the narrative of our uniquely beautiful continent are not dedicated to a woman for nothing. The defense of Europe is therefore especially a matter for women too! We love our homeland, our culture and traditions. We do not need gender madness and feminism hysteria for self-realization. We are proud to be European women who defend side by side with their men Europe! #europa #identitariangirls #identitär #phalanxeuropa 

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