Mainstream media celebrates new president of France 2 weeks prior to election

Much like with Trump and Brexit, the Mainstream Media is now meddling into the French election and is declaring the winner 2 weeks prior to election day, and it is not Marine Le Pen. Meanwhile, if alternative media did that they’d be denounced as ‘FAKE NEWS’ instantly. What a world.

The Independent: Good News, Marine Le Pen is finished. She stood back as chairwoman of her party. The presidential election is in 2 weeks.
The Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ): Has France elected a reformer? E. Macron will be the next president. (The election is in 2 weeks time, you assholes!)
FOX NEWS tries to be neutral but invited former US ambassador to Iraq and Turkey for commentary who insists that Le Pen isn’t going to be president
RT summarizes how top EU politicians and mainstream media call for meddling into French election to stop Marine Le Pen. Very sad.

Shout Out to PolNewsNet: