Fearing revolt and regime change, France clamps down on social networks

Macron’s war on fake news

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, worries about the angry people and their social networks a lot. They could revolt and instigate regime change. So he and his political cronies want laws to protect the leaders from the mob. The mob shall be fed with the latest news only by state owned propaganda media and the regime press and by no one else.

The leaders are fearful

Everyone else who offers so-called “alternative news” are to be labelled ‘fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘right-wing extremists’ and must be deleted and removed immediately.

“The French National Assembly has passed two controversial laws to tackle rumors and false statements during election campaigns. The parliamentary chamber voted by a clear majority in the last reading for President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to fight fake news. Critics warn against restricting freedom of expression and censorship.” —Die Zeit

End of free speech

This war on ‘fake news’ is in reality a war on freedom of speech and all alternative media. With this crackdown, France is following Germany that has already outlawed all forms of criticism of the state.