Defecating in public at Shanghai Disneyland

DISNEYLAND just opened gate in the most intense, humid, and over-populated city of China: Shanghai of the Yangtze River Delta. And the poo-pooh-police warns us: The kids are literally shitting in the streets.

Images (staged or not) are passed around the internet depicting Chinese toddlers defecating in the land of Mickey Mouse and Snow White.

True, diapers are expensive and inconvenient. Small kids in China often wear split-crotch pants that expose their buttocks, ready to squat and unleash their brown shots on the side of the roads.

Meanwhile, public toilets are sparse and often revoltingly unhygienic [in Shanghai: full of flies and mosquitos anyway]. In addition, few ‘cesuo’ (WCs) stack paper (you put a roll there, the next person will steal it). Moreover, if you clean the seat or, Confucius forbid, scrub the squatting pan before or after you use it, chances are you’ll find the next one just as desecrated and clogged with shit and tissue, again. That’s because, unlike your High Excellency, no Chinese junzi (gentleman) would lower himself and clean after his own.

As to the Western standards of Disneyland, what’s the point of futuristic design of your lavatories if the Chinese peasants wash their athlete’s feet in the double vanity; Or leave their cabin door unlocked while dropping a massive Mount Tai [that was never meant to be flushed away].

Enough foul language; most Chinese feel just as embarrassed as foreign visitors do. So, a new culture of toilet-shaming has emerged: If your little emperor is caught on camera releasing a crouching tiger on the pave-way, you might end up against the gossip wall.

In the defense of public urinating and dog poo: If you have small kids, you often can’t wait or run and queue. In Europe, it is pretty normal to have kids pee “behind the trees or in the bushes.” Adults do it, and all the time. Watch American movies. We Europeans just don’t let our kiddos crap over gullies and gutters. At least not in open daylight, see. Instead, when the sun is down, we adults urinate the entire city. It is true! There isn’t an underground passage or playground in London or Berlin or Paris that doesn’t reek of piss, mostly from hooligans, punks, pup crawlers, or hobos. And, after the sun goes up again, we have our pet dogs crap against lamp posts and fences.

All that said, nothing beats to see China’s future idiot elites having their kids taking a dump on the pavement in Disneyland. Priceless!

Disclaimer: The following images may or may not be all Disneyland authentic. Who knows. And who cares. Defecating in public is rampant. Here’s a Chinese shitting in the middle of an airport in Taiwan. Here’s a Chinese “taking a huge dump” in a crowded train.

调查:上海迪士尼开园孩子随地大小便,你怎么看? [Survey: Children defecate in the open at Shanghai Disneyland opening, what’s your view?]
这可能是世界上最脏但也最赚钱的迪士尼乐园! [This is probably the dirtiest, but also the most profitable Disneyland in the world!] “让孩子随地大小便已成习惯?” [Let you child defecating in public… is it a habit?]
Don’t ever go to Shanghai Disneyland [千萬別去上海迪士尼]
而被某位外国网友预测的随处大小便,居然真的在上海迪士尼“上演”。[As some foreign friends online predicted, the Chinese would defecate everywhere, although [this photo] at Disneyland is probably just staged.]
上海迪士尼乐园:随地大小便 到此一游  [Shanghai Disneyland: Defecating while traveling]